5 Best wireless gaming headsets in 2020

5 Best wireless gaming headsets in 2020

We are going to check out the 5 best wireless gaming headsets in 2020 that you can buy now. I have made this list based on my personal opinions and hours of research and I have listed them based on sound quality, build, comfort, performance and price.

I have included options for every type of consumer, whether you are looking for a budget wireless gaming headset or a more premium model.

5 Best wireless gaming headsets

The first product on the list of 5 best wireless gaming headsets in 2020 is the SteelSeries Arctis Pro. This is our best overall Bluetooth gaming headset. SteelSeries arctis pro provides the ultimate gaming experience in sound.

This is the only true wireless high-fiving audio system. If you are looking for the right sound then the Arctic Pro is one of the top choices in the best wireless gaming headset list.

If the phenomenal sound that the Arctic Pro experiences are not enough, then you will love the swappable battery. It comes with two batteries, while you charge the other and when you run out to swap the gaming battery into the other and charge to remove one.

You can theoretically play forever. The supply of a regular battery will set you apart which is not something most headsets can do.

Another feature that will change the way you look at your headset forever is dual connectivity connecting to your game and your phone at the same time. If in-game chats are not your thing, still chat on the phone, while you’ll still get all the in-game sound while chatting on your phone call, even after you connect to the audio in your game.

You get near-lossless audio quality and it sounds incredible. The high sound has a wide sound stage completely submerged for you to listen to everything that adds zero latency and gives you that extra edge that will keep you on top. The Arctic Pro connects to a base station that you plug into your PS4 or PC. There is also a small OLED screen that shows you the volume by default but you can also control the chat mix and set the EQ.

Key Features



Battery: Swappable batteries mean that your headset never has to connect to charge again.

Connectivity: You can play and talk on your phone at the same time.

Comfortable: The airwave on the ear pad is super comfortable.

Expensive: you can’t get around that but it’s definitely worth the bank.

The Arctic Pro is the ultimate gamer’s headset, with lossless audio with zero latency, with much more customizable, swappable batteries and dual connectivity features. If you are looking for the perfect go-to headset for a gaming look then no more.

The second product in the list of 5 best wireless gaming headsets in 2020 is SteelSeries Architis 9X. This is our best Bluetooth gaming headset for Xbox. With SteelSeries arctis 9x, you will enjoy infinitely sound special audio while playing your game, Arctic 9x detects all the noises around you, no matter how subtle they may be.

You will hear gun shots from right to left and quiet footsteps crawling behind you. The SteelSeries arctis 9x is specifically designed to enhance your Xbox One gaming experience.

The SteelSeries arctis 9x features an innovative flat earcup design that sounds great. It is quite comfortable and the weight is not disruptive while playing your game.

All the necessary buttons on the ear cups are fine for quick access without having to take the headset off. It is a very versatile headset that gives you the option of playing in a wired or wireless way.

It connects the Xbox One like a controller and is a breeze to set it up. However, to use it on a gaming PC you will need an Xbox wireless dongle and connect as soon as you connect. A bit more hassle but it is relatively comfortable.

One of the best features of Arctic 9x that you will like is dual connectivity, it is a game changer. You can connect your Xbox and connect to a Bluetooth enabled device just like your phone. If in-game chat becomes boring, you can talk on the phone while you are still connected to the game.

Key Features



Sound: It has great sound with immersive sonic special audio.

Xbox compatibility: Many headsets may be compatible but only a few are compatible wirelessly.

Buttons: Button layouts can be frustrating at first until you become familiar with them.

Customization: Surprisingly, not many customization options are coming from a SteelSeries headphones.

If you’re an Xbox gamer, you want a set of headphones designed specifically with the Xbox. Arctic Key 9X gives you great sound performance and easy connectivity to your Xbox.

The third product on the 5 Best Wireless Gaming Headsets in 2020 list is the Astro A20. This is a great overall Bluetooth gaming headset. If you’ve set your eyes on the Astro A50, but can’t skip the change at the moment, the Astro A20 offers a micro-level wireless quality without breaking the bank. You don’t get all the bells and whistles, but you still get amazing sound performance with some great bells and whistles.

Like the Astro A50, the Astro A20 still offers quality materials and excellent comfort. You will remember how huge and soft the memory foam cups are.

Make no mistake, the Astro A20 is the gamer’s headset and looks part with cool color accents and sleek design. Accents come in different colors because you’re a gamer. 

That doesn’t mean you can’t be color-coordinated. It is perfect for gaming PC and Xbox, but without the 3.5MM jack, your other options are limited.

Since the mic is not detachable, you probably won’t be listening to any outside melodies on your phone, it doesn’t have sound. Dolby Atmos and Windows Sonic software all around help with positional cues to enhance your game play.

The audio is crisp, clear, and resonates well and you can mix chat and game sounds to your liking. The mic is loud with good clarity and the mic monitoring feature for chat is really good, so you can hear how you listen to others.

Key Features



Xbox: Connecting Xbox wirelessly is fast and convenient.

Battery: Nice battery performance, giving you up to 15 hours of play time.

No surround sound: Although, there’s no built-in surround sound the Dolby Atmos and Windows sonic software surround isn’t too bad.

No 3.5mm jack: This should not be a big problem if you play games primarily on Xbox or your PC.

The Astro A20 is perfect for gamers who want a solid performing headset that offers great sound, great features and wireless connectivity to their gaming PCs and Xbox at an affordable price. It saves more than budget headsets and premium features to be a great mid-range gaming headset.

The fourth product on the 5 best wireless gaming headsets in 2020 list is the Corsair void RGB Elite Wireless. This is a great price per gaming headset. If you are looking for a great wireless gaming headset with surround sound then the Corsair Void RGB Elite Wireless is one of the best options for you, giving you a big bang for the buck.

The Corsair void RGB Elite Wireless delivers incredibly immersive 7.1 surround sound with a unique modern design incorporating a breathable mesh fabric unlike most in its range.

You will find the design very progressive without the traditional oval look. The memory foam ear cup looks great on the head band with plush microfiber mesh fabric that sits comfortably without a tight grip.

You’ll love the 7.1 surround sound that instantly immerses you in action with clarity at every step, and the clear and atmospheric sounds at the soundstage with each bullet with loud catchy banks that draw you right in the moment.

On-ear volume control and mute also make it easy to adjust on the fly without any distraction. The microphone flips muting which is really strong with smooth adjustments. You will find that your voice is clearly raised with very little peak or distortion and make sure the silent indicator is great to ensure that you are heard.

You will also like dynamic RGB lighting which can be easily tweaked and customized with the Corsairs utility engine. You’ll also find this charging stand that feels great on your desk and makes for comfortable pick-and-play to keep your headset fully charged and always ready to go.

Key Features



Battery: up to 16 hours of battery life

RGB lighting: RGB lighting customizable LEDs on each ear cub adds that splash of color for your gaming.

 Voice: Fantastic voice clarity for a headset with discord certified quality.

Battery drain: RGB lighting drastically reduces battery life.

 if you’re looking for a best wireless gaming headsets with great surround sound then the corsair void RGB elite Wireless is one of the best choices for you with incredibly immersive 7.1 surround sound, 50 millimeter high-density neodymium drivers for optimum sound and customizable RGB lighting for a great gaming experience.

The fifth product in 5 best wireless gaming headsets in 2020 list is the Logitech G 533. This is our best budget Bluetooth gaming headset. Getting big sound doesn’t have to cost you the big bucks. if you’re looking for a solid wireless gaming headset on a tight budget. The Logitech G533 is a no-nonsense headset that delivers low latency great sound and a good mic and it’s comfortable to wear at an attractive price.

Regardless of price you want a headset that offers a nice balance of comfort, features and performance.

The Logitech G 533 isn’t flashy but still manages to look kind of cool in its own stealthy way with an all jet black design. The build is quite solid despite being very light weight.

You’ll find the G533 boom mic performs above par and includes functions like most standard boom mics including the auto mute when you flip the mic up.

Sound is very clear and crisp without too much sibilants or any noticeable popping. The USB dongle gives you amazing transfer speeds making the G533 latency so minimal. It’s almost unnoticeable. The wireless range works up to 15 meters and the battery lasts up to 15 hours.

You want big sound and the G533 delivers that really nice full booming sound, especially with the DTS surround sound. It’s great for picking up in-game sounds in first-person shooters. The expanded sound stage makes it easy to identify enemy locations just by the sound of their movements giving you that extra competitive edge. You’ll especially appreciate the gunfire and explosions that really come through with considerable impact.

Key Features



Latency: Latency experiences virtually no lag between your audio and what’s on the screen with its ultra-low latency.

Comfortable: you get ample padding over the ears and the cloth cover reduces heat and sweat buildup during the marathon sessions.

 No 3.5MM Jack: There are no wired connection options so if you run out of battery on your headset it’ll be a quiet night.

If you’re looking for that immersive gaming experience at a budget price the Logitech G 533 delivers exceptional value.

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