best 5 cheap projectors for 2020

Best 5 cheap projectors for 2020

we are going to check out the best 5 cheap projectors for 2020 that you can buy now. I have made this list based on my personal opinion and hours of research and I have listed them based on performance features and price.

I have included options for every type of consumer, whether you are looking for a budget projector for your home or an affordable portable projector that you can take anywhere, we will have the product for you.

If you want more information and updated pricing on the products mentioned be sure to check the links. 

Best 5 cheap projectors for 2020

Optoma hd 143x 1080p, 3000 lumens, 3d dlp home theater projector(hd143x).
Easy to use product.

The first product in best 5 cheap projectors list is the Optoma HD143X. This is our best overall cheap projector. If you are looking for a great projector that can be used in your home theater room and sometimes for movie nights in your backyard then the Optoma HD 143X might be the projector for you. It is priced quite low and provides a true high definition that competes above its class.

The Optoma HD 143X is an excellent budget-friendly home theater projector that delivers true HD. Its native 1080p resolution provides sharp and clear images that rival more expensive projectors. You can bring the cinematic experience to your home with a bright 3000 lumens that provide amazing video quality that are perfect for watching movies and sports. You will see incredible black levels and great dynamic color range with impressive details.

It is one of the few budget projectors with very little lag that makes it great for gaming. This would be found to be a minimum latency for casual gaming, not on a gaming monitor. It also performs brilliantly at playing football such as hockey, baseball, basketball, and football for entertainment makes it feel like a spectacular stadium on the big screen. In addition to the great picture quality, the Optoma HD 143X has a superb impressive lamp life of up to 15,000 hours, which is as good for lamp-based projectors as the reduction in lifetime cost of ownership.

Key Features

The key features are resolutions native 1080p resolution. ISF calibration modes – you can save your calibration settings for day and night so that you don’t have to keep readjusting the various modes to achieve the best color from the projector.



Brightness – It is bright enough to be seen even in well-lit rooms.
3D – It supports DLP link and VESA RF glass.
Input lag – It is 16.4 milliseconds with enhanced gaming for casual gaming.
Keystone correction – It has vertical keystone correction.
Built-in speakers – It has a 10 watt mono speaker.

Placement – 1.1 time zoom limits placement flexibility.
Speaker volume – the speaker isn’t very loud.
Warranty – only one year 90 days on the lamp.

If you are looking for a great HD projector then Optoma HD 143X may be a great option for you. It can be used indoors and outdoors with a speaker and provides true high definition that competes above its class, yet is affordable.

Radiant Viewing, Immersive Audio, Android TV 9.0, Instant Clarity, Enjoy a razor-sharp, high-definition image in under a second with Capsule II’s proprietary autofocus technology.

The second product comes in our best 5 cheap projectors list is ANKER NEBULA CAPSULE 2. This is our best overall portable cheap projector. If you are looking for the best when it comes to affordable portable projectors to watch at home, but are also giving you the option to pick it up for movie nights under the stars, then ANKER NEBULA CAPSULE 2 the best One of the portable is the projector with its built-in rechargeable battery for you. It is only about the size of a coke, allowing you to easily slip it into your backpack or purse.

The ANKER NEBULA CAPSULE 2 gives you the best combination of features and performance with amazing HD projection of any portable projector. If you’re looking for a slightly larger one with a 3000 lumens projector then go for the Optoma HD 143. You will instantly fall in love with the capsule Twos sleek and ultra-cool design later on and you won’t believe the great image quality with vibrant colors and details coming from small cylindrical projectors.

The ANKER NEBULA CAPSULE 2 Proprietary autofocus technology optimizes your photo regardless of throw distance, giving you instant razor-sharp high-definition clarity within one second. ANKER NEBULA CAPSULE 2 State-of-the-art DLP technology also produces a surprisingly bright 720p 200 SI lumen image, as long as it’s estimated to be up to 100 inches in size, so watching the Super Bowl would be super. The audio on the ANKER CAPSULE 2 is impressive with a built-in 270 degree 8watt speaker and premium scans, which are excellent sound quality transducers.

Key Features

DLP technology provides a surprisingly bright 720p 200 SI lumen image even when estimating autofocus up to 100 inches. You get instant HD clarity within one second with autofocus technology owned by ANKER NEBULA CAPSULE 2.



Built-in speakers, built in 270 degree 8 watt speakers and premium scan, speak transducers that provide superb sound clarity USB port for all your external media design ultra cool, ultra sleek and ultra portable. The video quality ANKER NEBULA CAPSULE 2 DLP technology delivers stunning 720p picture. The built-in Wi-Fi, it’s powered by Google’s Android TV platforms so you get chromecast Google assistant plus virtually unlimited content from the Play Store. The battery the 9700 mAh battery delivers up to 3 hours of playback.

Expensive: It costs the most, but if you are looking for a premium portable projector that can provide a premium experience, it is hard to charge a price on the Cool Factor.

The ANKER NEBULA CAPSULE 2 may be the one with exceptional picture quality that you can conveniently slip into your backpack with your built-in rechargeable battery to carry anywhere.

4.3 out of 5

Enjoy a movie like experience, in any room of your choice. Advanced Optical Engine Boasts Superior LED Brightness, Exceptional Color Accuracy and Pristine 1080p HD Picture Quality.

The third product comes in our best 5 cheap projectors list is the AUN APEX 3 mini projector. This is our best cheap mini projector. If you want the ultimate portable projector that can slip into your pocket to carry anywhere to go to the movies then the AUN APEX 3 Mini Projector is perfect for you. It is the size of a standard wallet making it one of the smallest and lightest mini projectors in the world. The AUN APEX 3 Mini Projector gives you full HD 1080p cinema instantly on a large screen up to 120 inches with built-in recharge battery. 

The 2000 Lumens is packaged in a mini projector, so you can be completely wowed with an incredibly bright picture that holds up well for both indoor and outdoor use. You’ll love pristine HD video right out of the box, thanks to its advanced optical engine, which offers exceptional color accuracy. You can connect it to an external speaker for instant movie nights, wherever you have HDMI and USB inputs, but being able to instantly screen mirrors wirelessly from your device is a showstopper feature for all your friends.

It would be surprised to bring AUN APEX 3 into party and you can share your images and videos instantly. This mini projector is also perfect for the xx as a portable business solution without the need to move around cumbersome projectors to show the latest sales figures. You can project it immediately from your phone or laptop.

Key Features

The advanced optical engine provides exceptional color accuracy for pristine HD video. The wireless screen mirroring marries your device wirelessly easily.



Built-in Battery: The rechargeable battery 3200 mAh gives you around two and a half hours of playback.

Size: It is about the size of a battery pack making it one of the smallest and lightest mini projectors in the world.

Bright: 2,000 lumens provide an incredibly bright picture that holds up well both indoors and outdoors.

Heats up: The projector may overheat, although it does not affect performance or damage the projector.

If you’re looking for the smallest portable projector for movies, the AUN APEX 3 Mini Projector is ultra-thin compact wherever you go and literally delivers 1080 HD video from the palm of your hand.

The MSC A100 Mini Projector is a new upgraded mini portable high-performance projector. It can make your home activities more comfortable and make your party more fun

The fourth product comes in our list of best 5 cheap projectors, the MSC A100 Mini Projector. This is our best value per dollar cheap projector. If you are looking for an affordable portable projector that offers great picture quality above its class then the MSC A100 Mini Projector may be the best projector for you. It is small enough to be portable, but everything else about it is big.

MSC A100 It is a small projector and acts like a large projector to give you uncompromised large video quality, great sound quality and large overall performance. You’ll be able to project your video to an 8×10 foot screen and the video quality is still not easy, especially to pull off such an affordable mini projector. Nothing ruins a movie or TV viewing experience like poor image quality regardless of price or size. That’s why the MSC A100 Pack under the hood brings its Advanced Pull Luxe COP LED light source incredibly bright and dynamic to boost your 1080p projection for photo.

The design is solid and ultra-compact, making it easy to take to parties, trips and boardroom meetings, or complete your next event with an MSC A100 mini projector.

Key Features

Key Features Roof climbing is definitely a big bonus, unlike most mini projectors it can be roof mounted for a true cinema experience. Mirroring with built-in Wi-Fi cuts the screen cord and mirrors the screen of your phone. It also supports Chromecast



Image Quality: The recommended throw distance is already an impressive 200 inches, but still passive when the picture quality is estimated at 20 feet.

Portability: It’s about the size of a large book, so you can just pack it and take it to the movies anywhere and whenever.

Built-in speaker: A 5-watt speaker is sufficient for small rooms but you can hook up an external speaker for exceptionally large cinema sound.

Inputs: Inputs have more inputs than most mini projectors because all content come in all forms including SD card slots that are not found on most portable projectors.

Home screen: Netflix does not have a built-in home screen for easy access.

5-watt speaker: This is not enough for large rooms.

If you’re looking for an affordable portable projector that performs well above its class then the portable MSC A100 mini projector delivers up to a 200inch screen projection that can only be rivaled from higher priced projectors making it a great choice for you.

The projector is equipped with an innovative cooling system with heat dispersion, as well as a noise suppression technology which cuts fan sound in half. Two Built-in speaker will bring you an amazing viewing experience.

The last product comes on our  best 5 cheap projectors list is the Venkyo Leisure 3 projector. This is our best entry level cheap projector. If you are looking for a cheap portable projector for your home or backyard, but still want a good image quality for your movie nights then the Venkyo Leisure 3 projector may be for you. The Venkyo Leisure 3 weighs just 2.4 pounds and is laptop sized so it is perfect for taking anywhere. It even comes with its own carry bag which fits all the essentials including cable and remote so that you can watch your favorite shows wherever you go.

The leisure 3 is a single-chip LCD projector that uses white LEDs as its light source and delivers an amazingly good 1920X1080 HD video with vibrant colors with good contrast even when projected up to 170 inches Manages. You will find that the image is relatively clear and sharp giving you a worthy large screen viewing experience. If you want the picture quality to improve significantly, then stay tuned for the MSC 100mini projector. It costs a bit more, but you may feel that it is completely worth the price bump.

You will find that leisure 3 has a lot of input options for you to be free from all the different media hassles. It also features dual two-watt built-in speakers and an audio port, so that you can hook up the external speakers for a more cinematic experience while watching large blockbuster movies.

Key Features

The key features short range distances range from 4.9 feet to 16.4 feet making small spaces. Quiet operation, it’s equipped with a cooling system perfect for quiet operation to keep the fan cool.



The built-in speakers come with 22W stereo speakers with a variety of ports for easy plug-and-play connections, carrying a customized carry bag to hold everything in place for great portability. The resolution supports up to 1920X1080 HD. Size compact 12.24X9.43X4.63 inches and only 2.4 pounds. The remote comes for added convenience.

The vertical angle adjustment is not very high and no adjustment to level the projector. The speakers great to have but not adequate for a cinematic experience.

If you’re looking for one of the cheapest options for a portable projector the Venkyo leisure 3 delivers 1080p resolution with a built-in speaker.

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