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5 Best TV antennas review – (Buying Guide 2021)

Best Tv antennas

In this article, we are going to explore the five best TV antennas review. Nowadays, due to technological advancements, the image quality of television programs has been enhanced. An excessive definition of television antenna allows users to watch local television channels in high definition for free with their digital TV.

I have made this list based on my personal opinion and hours of research and I have listed them based on range, features, and price. I have included options for every type of consumer, whether you are looking for a budget indoor TV antenna for the city or a more versatile outdoor TV antenna for the countryside, we will have the product for you. If you need extra information and updated pricing on the mentioned products be sure to check the link in the description.

Here are the 5 best TV antennas review

  • Channel reception will vary depending on what’s being broadcast in your area.
  • If the antenna does not work satisfactorily in your area/home.

The fifth product on our 5 Best TV antennas review list is the Amazon Basics Indoor Flat TV Antenna. This is our best budget TV antenna. If you’re looking to free yourself from cable and looking for a TV antenna that will give you easy access to a great range of free-to-air channels for a budget price then the Amazon Basics Indoor Flat TV Antenna is one of the best options for you.

Amazon basics indoor flat TV antennaThe Amazon Basic is a great cheap option considering the ever-increasing monthly expenses for cable or satellite subscription. You’ll get free to air programming with an easy to install design while staying compact and portable. The Amazon Basics is paper thin and simply attaches to your wall with the included double-sided wall strips. There’s no power plug needed so you just put it up, plug it into your TV.  You’ll be enjoying free to air and over-the-air TV with great programming from HD channels together with ABC, CBS, NBC, PBS, Fox Univision, and extra.

The Antenna delivers impressive reception up to 35miles and is multi-directional and reversible so there’s no pointing wanted. It’s portable, the powerless design additionally makes it perfect for RVs and trailers so no matter where the road takes you, you may still have access to nice leisure.

However, the available channels will vary depending on your location, but if you are in a more remote or rural area and want a longer distance range, stick to the Wineguard Elite 7550 that comes forward in our blog. You will find that it is easy to watch your favorite shows without all the messy chords and the ever increasing monthly expenses.

Key Features



Price: Less than $25 for free full access to Air TV with no monthly fees.

Size: It is paper-thin in shape and takes up hardly any room on your wall.

Portable: It can be used in mobile homes for easy TV access on the go.

Low Range: It is not amplified so if you are not in an urban area you may need a strong signal.

The Amazon Basics Indoor Flat TV Antenna is an extremely inexpensive choice if you want one of the cheapest ways to easily access free-to-air programming. It gives you access to HD channels including ABC, CBS, NBC, PBS, Fox Univision, and more for free without any subscription fees.

  • World’s first recycled HDTV antenna.
  • Free TV For Life.
  • Multi-directional and Reversible HDTV Antenna.
  • Enables Access to Free Channels

The fourth product on our 5 Best TV antennas review list is the MOHU ReLeaf HDTV Antenna. This is our best value for money TV antenna. If you are concerned about the environment and you’re looking for an affordable eco option for an indoor TV antenna so you can finally cut the cord then the MOHU ReLeaf HDTV Antenna is a solid budget option made from recycled material for today’s environmentally conscious consumer.

Mohu ReLeaf HDTV Antenna

Releaf HDTV Antenna is not only environmentally friendly with recycled materials and renewable energy components. It is a great everyday antenna for OTA programming as well as watching your local channels. You will be able to appeal to the simple design and easy installation. 

You just stick it on the wall behind your TV, provided it with two-sided stripes makes it ideal for tenants.You will first see that it is flat rectangular and looks and feels primarily cardboard because it is made from recycled packaging and subsequent consumer recycled paper instead of plastic while coaxial cable is made from crushed cable boxes. The Releaf HDTV antenna is capable of pulling signals from a radius of 30 miles, despite the fact that it is not an amplified antenna.

You will find an abundance of HD over-the-air TV channels without cable or satellite subscriptions, including ABC, CBS, NBC, PBS, Fox, Univision and more. You will have the ability to place the antenna high on a wall or close to a window for optimal reception. The antenna is reversible and paintable so that you can paint it to match your own decoration perfectly.

Key Features



Dual Band: It has UHF and VHF signals for the entire range of entertainment.

Omni-directional: It can be placed on walls or close to windows without having to worry about pointing it for optimal performance.

Price:  Great value for the price.

Amplification: The antenna has no amplification and is suited only for urban areas.

If you are looking for the biggest bang for the buck at an affordable price, the MOHU ReLeaf HDTV Antenna is one of your options for solid signal reception, innovative design, easy installation, and eco-friendly at an incredibly affordable price.

  • Antennas will vary with reception regarding the placement of the antenna.
  • 70+ mile range to access from broadcast tower.
  • Embedded ultra low noise (1db) digital amplifier.

The third product on our 5 Best TV Antennas review list is the Wineguard Elite 7550. This is a great outdoor TV antenna, if you are living in a semi-remote area and can find an indoor antenna, do not provide the range you are looking for. Then the Wineguard Elite 7550 Outdoor Antenna can be a great option for you.

Wine Gard Elite 7550

The WineGuard Elite 7550 is one of the few TV antennas that works with an app and uses smart signal detection technology to help fine-tune your signal for optimal performance. With the WineGuard HDTV Tower Finder app, you can locate the nearest HDTV tower as well as list the available channels so that you can set up your antenna at the best possible location.

You’ll find it with embedded ultra low noise amplification for better signals for longer distances and dual-band optimization for both VHF and UHF reception. You get a truly crisp HD reception for your favorite shows from towers 70 miles away. Clear circuit technology gives you the absolute best signal quality even in harsh weather conditions.

You can watch programming from channels like NBC, CBS, ABC, Fox, CW as well as channels like HSN, Quest, PBS and many more will be able to enjoy HD programming. It is smaller than most outdoor TV antennas, making it easy for you to find the proper mounting location and also supports multiple connected TVs simultaneously.

Key Features



App: Fine-tune your positioning with the WineGard HDTV app for the best signal quality.

Durability: Performance and durability during weather testing or extreme weather.

Splitting: It can be used with multiple televisions simultaneously with the splitter.

Power Source: The amplified antennas come with an inline signal amplifier that needs additional power from a wall outlet or power strip.

If you find indoor antennas, do not provide the range you need, the Wineguard Elite 7550 outdoor antenna is a great option that comes with a signal booster amplifier that can reach up to 70 miles from a broadcast tower.

  • Amd Ryzen 7 3700U dual-core processor (Up to 4. 0GHz)
  • 8GB DDR4 Memory
  • 512GB PCIe NVMe SSD
  • 15. 6″ Full HD (1920 x 1080) widescreen LED-backlit IPS display

The second product on our 5 Best TV Antennas review list is Direct ClearStream 2V. This is our best overall TV antenna. If you are ready to cut the cord and are looking for an indoor, outdoor TV antenna that offers all-round great performance then the Direct ClearStream 2V is one of the best options for you.

direct clear stream 2V

The Clearstream has an innovative design that uses cutting-edge technology for clear and strong signals. Although it is not the cheapest, you will find that its performance is worth a few extra bucks. Especially considering the many quality features such as all-weather mounting hardware however you can install it in your attic as well.

You achieve better isolation resulting in a lower noise floor and minimal signal interference. The patented loop design is engineered for greater frequencies with a wider beam angle so that you know that there is no need to rotate the antenna to get the best signal. In addition to the loop technique, the reflector focuses the power of the antenna for additional range and also provides protection against multipath interference.

If you live in a rural or heavy area, you would love that Clearstream with its UHF and VHF multi-directional elements is proven to give range and reception in those areas, while other antennas are protected by heavy roofing material or tree interference. The Clearstream can still pick up a great signal with its full 60-mile range. It comes with full HD support and is 4k ready like the previous antennas. You will get free access to normal OTA channels including HD channels.

Key Features



Loop Design: Patented loop design that provides a greater range of frequencies and eliminates the need for rotation.

Signal Strength: It also picks up signals through difficult terrain such as heavy terrain.

Dual Band: UHF and VHF signal for a full range of entertainment.

Installing: The weight and size of the antenna makes installation time consuming.

If you are ready to cut the cord and want to save on the high cost of cable subscriptions, then the Direct ClearStream 2V is a great option with a variety of OTA channels with superb transmission and HD quality with a solid performance regardless of your area gives.


The first product on our 5 Best TV Antennas review list is MOHU SKY 60. This is our best multi-directional TV antenna. If you are looking for a high end TV antenna that can provide an extended range with a crystal-clear picture then the Moho Sky 60 is one of the best options for you.


The Moho Sky 60 uses innovative design and advanced US military technology to create a spectacular reception over long distances with crystal clear pictures. You will find that the build is exceptional with high-caliber quality and materials. The multi directional antenna reaches a radius of 60 miles and supports VHF and UHF broadcasts with uncompressed full HD and comes 4k ready.

So depending on your location you should have abundant access to programming. It is powered by a tightly integrated 15 decibel amplifier and delivers best-in-class performance with a truly unique aesthetic. You will really enjoy great HD picture quality from its extreme filter technology that filters cellular and FM signals which gives you a clearer picture with less noise.

The installation is quite simple. It weighs only three pounds and unlike other external antennas the Moho sky 60 is small enough so that you can easily climb into the attic, even if you have already cut the cord. The Moho Sky 60 gives you access to OTA channels when you are looking for more content from your movie streaming services and the HD TV signal can be split on two different TVs.

Key Features



Dual Band: UHF and VHF signal for a full range of entertainment.

Multidirectional: There is no need to adjust without worrying about pointing it out for optimal performance.

Performance: It is 4k ready with clear HDTV programming from various channels.

Cables: 30-foot detachable coaxial cable included

Expensive: Although competitive antennas are available at low cost, the compact and lightweight design and performance is hard to match.

If you are looking for a high-end multi-directional TV antenna outside or for your attic, the Moho Sky 60 is one of the best options with an extended range and clean peak filter technology that provides low noise.

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