best dash cams under $100

3 Best Dash Cams under $100 – Reviews & Buying Guide 2021

Some people show no concern about the life of another and as a result, it is due to accidents or near misses. If you have been a victim of road rage, or have missed a little accident, which can prove fatal for you, all these reasons are large because you should go to the dashcam.

We’re going to be checking out the best dash cams under $100, you can buy right now. We made this list based on my personal opinion and hours of research and I’ve listed them based on recording quality, features, and price.

We’ve included options for every type of consumer so if you’re looking for a no-frills solution one with a few more bells and whistles or a 4k option, will have the best dash cams for you. If you want more information and updated pricing on the mentioned products, see the link in the description.

However, If you want to check out best front and rear dash cam for your car then we do have dedicated 5 Best front and rear dash cam at our site. 

What is the Best Dash Cams Under $100?

  • 1080P Full HD Dash Cam.
  • 170° Super Wide Angle.
  • Built in G-sensor
  • Super Night Vision
  • Easy to Set Up & Use

The third product on our list is the APEMAN C450. For $45 the APEMAN C450 is a great choice for anyone in the market for a great HD dash cam with night vision. That is easy to use and can also record audio. The APEMAN C450 offers a good viewing angle of 170 degrees that captures an ultra-wide field of view that can help you when you are involved in an accident.

Super night vision records well at night, thanks to solid low-light aperture and HD art that enhances clarity in low-light conditions. It makes it easy to view details in a scene.

The built-in G-sensor automatically detects any impact against your vehicle and locks the footage to prevent it from accidentally being overwritten making it great for parked hit and runs.

Apeman dash cam - Best dash cams under $100
Cheapest Dash Cam

This 1080p dashcam records decent quality video. The APEMAN C450 comes with both a suction cup that attaches to the windshield and a dash mount giving you options depending on your needs.

Key Features

Reason to Buy

Reason to Avoid

Setup: Setting up the APEMAN C450 is easy and intuitive.

Affordable: At $45 this is one of the best cheap dashcam options.

Time and Date Stamp: An option on the initial setup allows you to time and date stamp along with your car identification number right on the video.

Sound Quality: The internal mic is not directional so it picks up engine and wind noise while driving.

Full HD recording, night vision, G-sensor collision detection plus additional features make the APEMAN C450 a great value choice.

  • Broad, Detailed Video.
  • Superior Night Vision.
  • Easy Video Management
  • Records While You’re Away

The Second product on our list is the ANKER ROAV Dash Cam A1. This is our best night vision dashcam. If night vision capability is a priority on a dashcam then the ANKER ROAV DashCam A1 is a great option with its advanced nighthawk technology for the best nighttime video captures. The ANKER ROAV Dash Cam A1 records Full HD video with a super-wide lens.

It is loaded with features to make it an excellent all-around dashcam as well for just $55. The ANKER ROAV DASH CAM A1 has a premium build with tough polycarbonate for excellent durability and protects inner components against vibrations. It’s built to withstand extreme heat and cold for reliable use making it ideal for just about any climate.

Anker Roav DashCam A1 - best dash cams under $100
Best Video Quality Dash Cam

The full HD video quality of ANKER ROAV DASH CAM A1 is great with ample detail to make out car models and license plates including during nighttime video capture. It also comes with a 2.4-inch LCD screen with four menu buttons for easy navigation and control. It has built-in Wi-Fi and its free app for both iOS and Android. You can easily transfer video files.

Key Features

Reason to Buy

Reason to Aovid

Night Vision: Advanced NightHawk Vision technology provides advanced night capture with a wide dynamic range video system.

Parking Recording: It records while you’re away when its gravity sensor detects sudden movements and impacts.

Smart Connection: The Roav can connect to your smartphone via Wi-Fi for easy video downloads.

Parking Recording: The parking recording feature can be overzealous and record too many things such as entering and exiting the car.

145° FOV: It is not as wide as other dash camps.

Superior nighttime recording adds to the many great features of the ROAV Dash Cam A1 making it a natural choice for drivers who want additional security for nighttime driving.

  • FHD 1080p.
  • Extreme Temperature Operation.
  • Emergency Recording & Loop Recording.
  • Motion Detection.

The first product on our list is the AUKEY DR02 dashcam. This is our best budget stealth dashcam. The AUKEY DR02 Dash Cam is an inconspicuous dash cam with a low profile that hides the majority of its frame behind the slope of your windshield and stays out of your way while you’re driving.

So, if you’re looking for a full HD dash cam that won’t distract you when you’re driving then the AUKEY DR02 Dash Cam is a great choice at $70. The AUKEY DR02 Dash Cam uses a Sony EXMOR IMX323 sensor that captures everything in super-sharp Full 1080p and also records nighttime driving with great clarity and detail.

The images are not blown out by oncoming headlights. The AUKEY DR02 Dash Cam adheres to your windshield with an adhesive mount to stay secure at all times.

Aukey Dash Cam - Best cams under $100
Stealth Dash Cam

There is also an emergency recording button that protects footage with a single push of a button. The menus are intuitive making them quite easy to navigate even on a small screen.

Key Features

Reason to Buy

Reason to Aovid

Compact: at 2.28 by 2.24 by 1.25 inches it’s small and inconspicuous.

Features: It comes with several modes including emergency recording, time-lapse, loop recording, motion detection, and snapshot function.

Internal Microphone: the internal microphone is mutable and doubles as a speaker.

Fisheye Distortion: The large field of view creates a noticeable fisheye effect.

The AUKEY DR02 wedge-shaped dashcam is low profile. So, it won’t distract you’re driving. it records vivid colors even in low-light settings all at 1080p with a170 degree field of view on a super wide-angle lens loaded with features. The AUKEY DR02 is a hidden gem at a very affordable price.

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