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5 Best gaming chair for back support 2021 – Reviews, Top picks

You play your game on a fast gaming computer, on a gaming monitor and wearing gaming headsets using a gaming mouse pad, using your gaming keyboard and gaming mouse … don’t stop there. For those marathons gaming sessions, you definitely want to be sitting on the gaming chair.

Gaming chairs have much larger contours, and many use bright colors. Office chairs are designed to mix extensively, while the ergonomics of gamer chairs are closer to a racing car bucket seat.

Best gaming chair for back support

Gaming chairs use leather, or synthetic polyurethane leather, panels. These are less breathable than the mesh style popular among office chair manufacturers, but if your top priority, you can also get a mesh supported gamer chair.

We are going to check out the best gaming chairs you can buy now. We have made this list based on personal opinion in hours of research and we have listed them based on comfort, features, build quality and price. We have included options for every type of gamer, whether you are looking for an entry level gaming chair or a luxurious gaming throne, we will have a chair for you.

  • Selected Material
  • Upgraded Configuration
  • Multi Function
  • Wide Usage
  • Dimension: Size of back: 22.5 inch and 30.5 inch. Size of seat: 14.5 inch and 20.5 inch. Seat adjustable height: 17.3 to 21.5 inch.

The fifth product on our list is Homall Gaming Chair. This is our best budget gaming chair. Gaming chairs are quite expensive, but Homall gaming chair offers a good mix of build and comfort. This is making it a very good low-cost option for gamers on tight budgets. The Homall gaming chair is made of polyurethane leather and is available in various colors.

This chair allows you to slide back and forth and if you want to disable this feature, there is a tilt limiter. The Class 3 Gaslift handle allows you to lift and lower the chair to your liking.

Looking for something more relaxed, you can recalibrate all the way up to 180 degrees if you want so that you stay completely flat.

On the downside, this chair does not allow you to adjust the armrest in any way to remove it completely.

This is not a major issue, but you can ban them a bit and it can become a bit of an annoyance. Overall, this chair is very strong and can support up to 300 pounds. It also has support cushions for the lumbar and neck areas. The lumbar cushion can be adjusted for easy positioning or if removed completely.

Key Features



Comfortable: Surprisingly comfortable for its budget price point.

Recline: The 180 degree maximum recline of this chair is excellent.

Price: Extremely affordable for the kind of comfort and quality it provides.

Leather: The PU leather coating on this chair may be of better quality and may be prone to damage.

Armrest: Armrest cannot be adjusted.

Installation Video of homall gaming chair:

Homall Gaming Chair is one of the least expensive gaming chairs available on the market. Despite its price, this chair should not be ignored as a cheap gaming chair.

It is surprisingly well built and quite comfortable where most of the chairs in this budget class are flat and rather stiff on the seat. The Homall Gaming chair is a solid entry-level choice for your gaming setup.

  • Color : Blue 
  • Material: Faux Leather
  • Item Dimensions LxWxH : 
    28.5 x 28 x 51.5 inches
  • Item Weight: 51.81 Pounds

The fourth product on our list is the RESPAWN 110 racing style. This is our best budget ergonomic chair. The RESPAWN 110 gaming chair has an extra focus on economics and comfort and is another good option in the budget price range. The RESPAWN 110 can hold a maximum weight capacity of 275 pounds and comes with 4D adjustments.

This allows up and down movement as well as 360 degree swivel rotation inside and outside for the full range of dynamic movement.

Unlike other gaming chairs, the RESPAWN 110 is fully reclinable, not only on the back but both armrests extend backwards so that you can place your arms over the armrest while lying down.

It also goes a step further with the addition of an expandable footrest for amazing comfort and eliminates the need to have a separate footrest under your desk.

RESPAWN 110 racing style - bestgadgetstech

All controls are molded in one of the right-hand tilt and recliner options, and height is added in the other. This design is sometimes cool but can be cumbersome if you are in an awkward reclined position and cannot easily reach the lever.

When coupled with the footrest the RESPAWN 110 allows for hours of comfortable gaming with a strong focus on economics. This is especially good for gamers with back problems who need more comfort or if you want a gaming chair that can double as are clining lazy boy while you’re watching TV.

The RESPAWN 110 allows for hours of comfortable gaming with a strong focus on economics when coupled with the footrest. This is especially good for gamers with back problems who need more rest or if you want a gaming chair that can hold a lazy boy while watching TV.

Key Features



Ergonomic: 4D ergonomic design lets you find out your optimal seating position.

Armrest Features: Armrest is a fully reusable armrest feature.

Footrest: The fold-out footrest is an exceptional feature for a gaming chair.

Material: Bond leather upholstery can be improved and requires constant maintenance.

How to Assemble the Respawn 110 Racing Style Gaming Chair?

The RESPAWN 110 is a great budget gaming chair that focuses entirely on economics and comfort with 4D adjustments. It is a fully reclinable armrest and fold-out footrest. If you are looking for something different than that standard then you should definitely try this chair.

  • Color: Black
  • Material: Strong Mesh
  • Item Dimensions LxWxH: 7.5 x 27.5 x 52 inches
  • Manufacturer’s Suggested Maximum Weight: 200 Pounds
  • Item Weight: 48.5 Pounds

The third product on our list is the DXRacer Formula Series. This is our best mid-range gaming chair. For quality build, the DXRacer Formula series is a solid pick with their chairs officially supported by many popular streamers and e-sports teams alike. The DXRacer Formula Series offers 135 degrees recline and includes a headrest and lumbar cushion for some extra padding.

Armrests are fairly standard and can only be adjusted up and down. Extra long back and lumbar support shoulder rest and head cushion, the comfort you get with this chair is fantastic and is able to prevent age-old troubles or injuries during long gaming sessions, unlike some inexpensive chairs that offer only fixed reclining angles.

The DXRacer Formula Series gaming chair has variable reclining which is completely smooth and seamless to operate. Chairs placed upstairs in a breathable mesh fabric that provide seating comfort, but unfortunately, mesh fabrics are not as easy to clean as faux leather cover and are prone to stains.

The DXRacer chair is smaller than other gaming chairs in its class and its Class 4 gas lift. The metal structure is only rated for a maximum of 200 pounds, so if you’re taller than 6 feet, the RESPAWN 110 or Noblechairs Epic may be a better option for you.

Key Features



Material: The design of mesh material is more breathable and durable than PU or bonded leather.

Quality: This is extremely stable steel frame construction with a generous 24-month warranty.

Material: The mesh material is susceptible to clean and susceptible to liquid damage.

Armrest: Armrests can only be moved up or down and only provide limited mobility.

Fit: Snug fit that may not be suitable for everyone.

How to install DXRacer Formula Series?

The DXRacer Formula Series is a great mid-range gaming chair that provides excellent back support. The design of the mesh material is great for those who are looking for something more breathable and don’t like PU or bonded leather. The steel frame and attention to quality build from DXRacer gives this gaming chair an edge on the scale of durability and makes it a solid choice.

  • Material: Textile
  • Item Dimensions LxWxH: 32 x 14.5 x 27.5 inches
  • Frame Material: Aluminum
  • Full-length Backrest Recline
  • Class 4 Hydraulics
  • Maxed-out Ergonomics

The second product on our list is the SecretLab Omega 2020. This is our best overall gaming chair. The Omega 2020 Gaming Chair of SecretLab delivers upper-echelon quality at surprisingly reasonable prices, making it the top contender for Best Overall Gaming Chair. It balances price, support and comfort and is like durability and warranty to cover distances.

The Omega 2020 looks and feels like a premium great chair and features a new type of PU leather Secretlab design four times stronger than a regular PU and is also scratch and abrasion-resistant. This is good news for gamers who do not like the low durability of regular PU leather and want a chair that lasts longer.

Lumbar and neck pillows are cut from the top of the rest, with a cooling gel that dissolves heat to keep your temperature down and premium leather pillows that can clean your bed and control enough armrests to make you sit on a chair. The cushion is not hardened to use SecretLab secret sauce of cold treated foam.

Instead of laying pieces of foam together, solid pieces of foam with aluminum molds and air pockets are used to absorb pressure and cushion the body.

The end result is cushioning which is helpful at the same time. The Omega 2020 can be reclined at just under 180 degrees full and with its comfortable cushion, you can also take a moment to relax and maybe catch a quick nap.

Key Features



Padding: Cold curing foam for padding that is both supportive and giving.

Warranty: Three-year warranty with the ability to extend up to five years.

Armrests: Armrests are unusually stiff compared to the rest of the chair.

How to assemble Secretlab Omega 2020 Gamming Chair?

The SecretLab Omega 2020 Gaming Chair balances firm supports the comfortably and closes it with fine, spill-resistant PU leather and pillows that you’ll love. This gaming chair offers almost every type of adjustment you want and comes with a great warranty that makes it one of the best overall gaming chairs available today.

  • Color: Black
  • Item Dimensions LxWxH: 26.38 x 27.95 x 55.12 inches
  • Furniture Finish: Leather
  • Manufacturer’s Suggested Maximum Weight: 396.83 Pounds

The first product on our list is the Noblechair Epic genuine leather chair. This is our best premium gaming chair. Looking for a premium genuine leather gaming chair, the Noblechairs Epic is definitely in the upper spectrum of pricing, but offers a luxury noble experience like no other with the same feel of sitting comfortably in an expensive sports car.

The Noblechair Epic is the only genuine leather gaming chair on our list and is made from the highest quality of genuine leather, focused on delivering a true sports car like a luxury experience. Steel frame guarantees stability, while cold foam upholstery provides firmness that is damage resistant yet comfortable in degree of solid support.

Individually adjustable support pillows for the neck and lumbar region complement the ergonomic design. During long periods of sitting, relief and support to the back provided by the epic is very noticeable. The 4D Armrest with height and horizontal adjustment allows your arms to rest well and be positioned economically with respect to the desk.

Seat height adjustment is made through a safety clasp for gas lift. The epic genuine leather gaming chair is recommended for gamers with a maximum weight of 260 pounds. Unlike the DXRacer Formula series, the two larger builders are better suited for gamers making this chair a good choice for longer gamers.

Key Features



Aesthetics: This chair is a luxurious and stylish design.

Durable: Genuine leather upholstery guarantees longevity.

Quality: It is made of fine leather and solid steel backing.

Recline: Given the 180 degree price reduction on this chair, it stops being perfect.

The combination of long life of leather upholstery and comfortable seating does not compromise the durability of the padding. The Noblechair Epic is an incredible gaming chair. Outside of premium pricing, it is difficult to find flaws in this masterpiece.


Buying a gaming chair may seem easy, but it is not always true. However, with our guide, we hope it will be easy for you to find the perfect gaming chair for your gaming experience. If you cannot make a decision, we highly recommend “Noblechair Epic Real Leather Chair” And “SecretLab Omega 2020

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